Weekly Astrology Updates

Urban Mystic is going to start updated astrological aspects every week! This is our first one! I'm writing all of the times during Eastern Standard Time. 

Sunday May 8th 2011: It is Mother's Day! Make sure thank the women in your life that love and care for you! The moon will be in Cancer. (The Moon and Cancer represent the mother!)

Monday May 9th: The Moon is void of course*  2:52am (EST). Moon in Cancer until 5:35am (EST) Moon changes to Leo. 

Tuesday May 10th: Moon is in Leo and it enters it's second quarter at 4:33pm.

Wednesday May 11th: Moon void of course at 12:52am. Mars enters Taurus at 3:03am and the Moon moves into Virgo at 9:59am.

Thursday May 12th: Moon void of course at 10:52pm.

Friday Many 13th: Its Friday the 13th! The Moon will enter Libra at 11:56am. The Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn* begins. Happy Birthday Hawthorns!!!

Saturday May 14th: Enjoy the day! None of the personal planets are changing into new signs. However on Sunday the Moon, Mercury, and Venus all change! Check back next week to see what the planets are doing!


May  8, 2011     9:14 PM               Sun 18 Taurus 06 Semi-square  Uranus  3 Aries 06 

You may feel challenged with an usual event happening in your life at this time.

May  9, 2011    11:44 AM               Mercury 22 Aries 24 Conjunct  Venus 22 Aries 24

A good day to think about your personal relationships!

May 11, 2011    10:42 AM               Venus 24 Aries 46 Conjunct  Jupiter 24 Aries 46

A lucky day for love and relationships!

May 11, 2011     3:57 PM               Mercury 24 Aries 49 Conjunct  Jupiter 24 Aries 49

Don't think too hard about how your luck works!

May 12, 2011     4:28 AM               Mars  0 Taurus 48 Sextile Neptune  0 Pisces 48

A great day to manifest your dreams!



*Void of Course: This happens just before the Moon changes signs. The Moon is in the in between stage from the last aspect and the entrance into the new sign. Activities begun when the Moon is void of course rarely come to fruition, or they turn out very differently than planned. The Moon leaves void of course once the Moon changes. 

*Celtic Tree Month Hawthorn: The Celtic Tree Calendar is a calendar with thirteen lunar divisions. Hawthorn starts May 13th through June 9th. It is the sixth month on the Celtic Tree Calendar.


Planet: Mars and Venus

Symbolism: Purification, sacred marriage 

and male-female unity

Stone: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite

Birds: Blackbird, Owl, Purple Martin

Color: Midnight Blue, Purple




Weekly Astrological updates by Christina

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