I love this so much I had to put this on the main page. My dear friend Stephen wrote this about our energy work together in the guest book section (Client Experiences). Thank you Stephen.



We always hear how easy it is for people to be taken for granted. But truly, we take our own life's journey for granted. We continuously keep running on our Spiritual treadmill, clinging to sources outside of ourselves for joy and happiness that we know in actuality can only truly manifest from within. This leap from treadmill to the unknown territory where it's not safe and comfortable anymore takes an amazing person that understands and trusts that making this leap is a must. Our clients that walk into our room each time for an energy session have this beautiful and unique inward strength to make their lives their own instead of choosing to stay safe and comfortable. The radiant smiles of our clients is a direct reflection of the awesome effort to fully trust their own intuition. In building bonds with our clients, we all grow together in this amazing process. Jo Ann, our clients, and myself all grow fueled by the intention to trust our own nature, the universes' gift. I have seen my own personal growth increase in the process. My growth has increased with the gentle, yet powerful guidance of Jo Ann. She is a true vessel of grounded mysticism in an urban environment that seems to never stop to take a breath of fresh air, or to listen to the sweet sound of the birds singing their songs. She serves as an inspiration for trusting fully within while at the same time stopping to see and listen to nature's song that we all can hear for our own life's journey. As a team, our energy sessions can be likened to a mystical dance, using our abilities to assist our clients in seeing their life's journey with the clarity of a flawless diamond. Each time our clients leave from one of our energy sessions they glow more and more with a sense of awe. Knowing that I am taking part in this awe makes me smile.

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