There is something different!

We have a new look! 

Christina and I were talking about changing up the look to the blog. We were on the same page about what we were envisioning for the site. Which happens a lot! We wanted to speak through the language of nature and stay true to our senses. So here we are with an idea of what we wanted for the site but no material to work with. 

That night I went to bed, thinking about how and where I was going to find a new look for the blog. 

The next day I had sent out an email to the very talented Trish Portella. I had expressed that I needed new images for some upcoming projects. She had replied later that day offering her work for the blog. Like me, she was talking about needing something new and creative for her art the night before. Her exact words were "The universe is in perfect harmony and we are one!".  

Trish takes breath taking photographs. My husband Ronnie and I were stunned by the beauty of her work. Thank you Trish for letting us use your work on the site! Here are some samples from her collection!



Stay tuned for a really exciting and new project that Trish and I have teamed up on! 


love and magic,


mystical couture