You are too sweet Shonali!

If I had the time and believed others did as well, I could easily write an entire book about my experiences with Jo Ann and the incredible, beautiful, spirited Goddess of a woman she is. I met Jo as a young teenager, when I was at a big point of transition in my life (note: if you're on the spiritual path you'll start to get used to transitioning as a way of life!) and was looking for guidance in understanding how to let go of the pain and hurt of my past and be able to achieve all that I felt I was destined to be. From the moment we met I knew Jo would be an incredible teacher, friend, sister and mentor; I came looking for an immediate solution to my 'worldly' problems and I left having a guide for life. If you have always felt that you were a bit 'different' and that you never quite 'fit' in the 'typical' way in any particular world (be that work, relationships, friendships, cities, etc.) then this is a woman you want to work with. When I felt that all the feelings I'd had all my life, the intuitions, the visions, the guidance was something I'd have to 'hide' for the rest of my life, along came Jo, who knew from the moment we met all that I was capable of. I have always been someone who's been looking for my 'place' in the world and with Jo Ann's love, guidance, energy, challenges and wisdom I have learned how to listen to my guides that are all around me, connect with nature in a way I always knew I could and gain a sense of trust, faith and confidence that I never knew possible. And I've done it without having to give up 'modern' life, but do it in a way that has allowed me to find a great balance between my spirit and this amazing world we live in today. 

Jo will help you face the fears that you've carried with you and move through them to a beautiful world. I'm not going to promise it will be easy, but I can promise once you taste your true spirit, your true self, you will be hard pressed to want to go back. As one of my most favourite authors (Paulo Coelho) once wrote: "Whoever drinks this water once can never quench her thirst at other springs". That is truly how your experience will be with Jo Ann. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, she will not judge, but be ready to guide you to realising your next step. Regardless of your age or stage in life, your religion, your career, your past or present, Jo is ready to help those who are ready to help themselves. Even if you're a skeptic, take a chance and sit down with her and see where it leads you. Ultimately it is up to each and every one of us to transform ourselves, but if you can get the best of the best (which is what we always want in a teacher) then it is a treasure and a half to have Jo lighting your path! 

I hope this does you justice Jo! I just wrote from my heart and I've said a prayer and asked the angels to infuse this endorsement with the right energy and light to attract the right people for you right now so that the centre may become a reality very soon :0)

Lots of love,

mystical couture