The gift of the full moon!

I don't really get a lot of sleep during a full moon, but I don't need as much either. This is a great time to get in touch with our creative side! For me, I always sense things and see a bit more clearly under a full moon. It's as if everything falls into place and potential is magnified under her presence.

I have a window at the head of my bed and the moon bathes my head in light. I felt like I should share this with Trish and we spent the next few hours observing, listening, and playing. We were like little kids again sharing and exploring. The messages we uncovered came in the forms of names, places, and feelings. All the information was there for us to gather and we explored uncharted waters together, excited and playful. I texted Trish about the moon and she said,  "The moon is your halo." That felt so amazing to hear. We continued texting for a while and I heard the name Coronado. I felt like there was a calling for her to go there. Trish said that she was going there on Sunday! There are some amazing things that come to us when were open to it. Trish has taken the information and researched the symbols as they come through in our conversations. The conversation we had has given her the strength, stamina, and clarity she needs right now. (See first account from Trish on Jo and Trish's adventure to hear more about these symbols and meanings! Amazing!) The moon provides us with so many treats. All we have to do is just be OPEN and LISTEN! The intensity is electric.

I hope you enjoyed the full moon. What kind of messages came to you? I would love to hear your stories. It's when we come together to share our adventures that we magnify and support each other through our journeys.

I notice the signs the universe sends me and listen to her messages. We always get exactly what we need. It's such a gift. Lizards keep appearing at my doorstep. They represent our remembering our dreams. They also represent growth and transformation. These symbols are important in my journey- as I walk through growth in my life and transform and evolve to my full potentental. We each have a choice to evolve and grow and the lizard is a symbol that we are on the path.

It's been record temperatures here in Houston and the heat is overwhelming. I have one favor to ask anyone! PLEASE make a wish for it to rain in Houston. Bang the pots and pans and do a rain dance! We are in DESPERATE need of rain! 



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