Lovely Ladybug

Lovely ladies keep visiting me! ladybugs started manifesting at the AMAZING oak tree I visit every day. This tree of strength, stability, and nobility holds a basket, like a womb, where i place sacred offerings. In turn, the universe brings messages to guide me and to remind me i am always supported on my journey. It's a secret exchange and constant source of communication, reflection, grounding, and expansion for me.


Last week, nature's messenger left me a ladybug that reminded me of a magnet. When I returned the next day, there was another one- just like the day before! on the third day, I was gifted a frame...and I knew the perfect photo to put in it next to my bedside- ammachi’s photo! 


when I woke up sunday, I sensed something- as I always sense before I see- so I started looking by my bed and remembered that I had put the frame there the night before. I have crystal lamps hanging on each side of the bed and heard, "look around the lamp". When I looked inside of the shade, I saw a small speck. it was a tiny ladybug in the humming light! I smiled and knew this is JUST THE BEGINNING of my adventure with this beautiful messenger sent from nature to escort me on my journey! As Ronnie and I went out for our morning chai and turned down the road from the house, a vw bug pulled out in front of us with a sticker that read... "love ladybugs"!

I lit up inside- smiling that inner smile like I have a secret... feeling alive and aligned with the universe's divine timing to always provide me with the messages and tools I need!

when I woke monday, I felt and heard a message ringing in my ear,
"look!” on the table by bedside was another ladybug! Of course I had a little chuckle...

This morning I went to have a little cereal. I was sitting and looking at the garden outside my window and when I bent my head down, a
ladybug landed in the dry part of my cereal! She had been resting in my hair, so I took her out to the garden and set her free. WOW...this is an amazing-a magical experience that has such a message with a punch! I am NOT supposed to forget this message! 

What does a ladybug mean, you ask?

The keynote message is the magic of rebirth!

As we all know and love, the ladybug wears red and black- the colors signify manifestation of thought. They show us the opportunity to succeed, grow, and embark on new work- new adventures! 

Ladybugs also
consume pests (unwanted fears) so we can reach our full potential! Appearing at exactly the time I need her, she will help me in the upcoming weeks as I continue my growth process. Her presence is a gift from nature to remove the obstacles that arise during this quest. Thank you lovely lady!
I am opening myself to receive a little piece of jewelry, so I will always remember when I need that help the call is answered. Nature is my guide, and it is important for me to trust and receive nature's tools to hear and apply them in my daily life.

The lady has spoken and I was so glad I could see and hear her!




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