Chloe's diary

This is a tit-bit from my daughters writings. Refreshingly funny and I think it is so relevant. She wrote this to herself while sitting on a plane, feeling '' slightly nervous ''  I had to clean it up a bit as I said she was in a slight panic mode. Nervous flyer here!!!!

''Read this and remember you're not crazy, just a wee bit dumb. Ha ha. Not really you have friends for a reason. It's not even like a fashion thing ''oh yeah I'm crazy, oh yeah, it's the best.'' I dont wanna be crazy. I wanna be a rebel but I'm anything but that. I can definately be anything I want to be. Isn't that the most interesting thing about humans? Your kinda shopping 'always', for the type of person you want to be. Shopping for emotions, and words, inteligence,men, and women. I want to want more for myself. I want to want!!!! To constantly shop and not lay down instead. The only thing I dont want is shoppers remorse, aaaaaarrrg!!!!! I dont want to chew gum and be like every other.

mystical couture