Thank you Virginia Isbell

Virginia wrote this touching piece in Client Experiences! 


What do you say about someone who lives her life to help others? Someone who never judges, who loves you regardless… who exemplifies unconditional love? Joann gives her all to help others see the miracles in life, appreciate them for what they are, and learn from them. She gently guides others to a greater appreciation of life and it’s meaning by helping them reconnect with their true selves, the inner soul. She helps dismiss the illusions and blocks created by the mind (human ego) and to see the world for what it is… a wonderland full of beauty, love, and peace. She beautifully combines the gift of intuition and the gift of nature to help others reach a more balanced, grounded and enjoyable state of being. Working with Jo Ann has truly changed my life. Her message of love is relevant for all, regardless of religion, race, or age. I would encourage anyone seeking direction, healing, peace or happiness to set aside any preconceived notions and meet with her…. You won’t regret it.

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