Friday!!! It must be Venus

Fridays are the day of the week that represents a different planet.

Every day of the week is influenced by a different planet.  Venus is a planet that influences love, beauty, and harmony. So take some time out of your day to enoy this gift. Don't just make it an idea, act on it!! It doesn't have to be a major plan either. It can be a smile to a stranger, a little food for birds, a single flower to someone who wouldn't expect it. Also pick one for yourself. Show a little self love. In fact, show a lot of self love. Do something that would make someone feel better, including our planet, anaimls etc.                                                                                                                      

You could buy a new magazine to find new ideas of doing things and maybe you might want to make changes over the weekend. Remember it can be the simple things that we think aren't important. Try a new scent or a different restaurant, a new book, maybe just take a walk in a new place. You can wear your hair differently. You catch the dirft. Enjoy your day! If you do, others will too. All energy is infectious, so lets spread some good mojo!!!

mystical couture