Rahu Ketu

In vedic or hindu astrology, Rahu Ketu are the names given to the nodes of the moon. Rahu is the north and Ketu the south. They are the shadow planets working on our psychological levels.  I have regular vedic readings from someone I hold in high esteem, as I'm a life'' junkie '' and am always interested in what it brings us!!!

   Without getting too deep, I'm right in the middle of a major shift in energy and Ketu is very much in the mix. I was told by my astrologer that among other things I might come accross or have unusual meetings with black animals during this period. No sooner said I was adopted by a black cat.  That got my attention!! It was really cooool, but the next episode was even cooler for me!!  On sunday I looked out of my bedroom window to see 6 massive crows! Not cows remember I'm pretty urban. They were hanging out in my garden. The sight was absolutely beautiful.  I've fed the crows in my neighborhood on occasion but we dont get them very often and never ever  so close to me. They're still in the hood but haven't hung out in my space again. I just think it's so much fun to see amazing messages like this. Especially when you're told to look for them. Keep your eyes wide open. Keep looking for the signs!!!!!

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