Subject: A picture is worth a thousand words

How often have you heard this phrase in your lifetime? Probably more than you realise. But have you ever stopped to think about its true meaning? Deep spiritual meaning? I want you to think of a picture right now, one that comes immediately to your mind, maybe it's one in your home, on your desk, on your phone, etc. but it's the first one that comes to your mind. Now, I want you to just feel what comes to you when you bring this image into your mind and heart. Joy, laughter, sadness, inspiration, motivation, peace, could be anything but I want you to consider how in just one moment, the image you brought up has triggered an emotion within. Within your heart. 

Ok, so this all might be obvious but here's my point: consider the images you surround yourself with on a daily basis and the energy they carry. What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning? What is the last before you fall asleep and drift off into the spirit world? Whatever it is, it is important. It is an opportunity for you to surround yourself with images, words, phrases, places that inspire, motivate, connect and ultimately remind you of your spiritual tools and gifts and that you can decide how often you connect with them. 

My room is filled with images of the ocean, the sun, nature, phrases of power like: Why don't you..?, Iconic, Discover your secret strengths, Feel the love to name a few. I have done this all my life since I was a child; making collages of what and who I aspire to be and the things I want to achieve. It is only now, as a more conscious adult, that I am aware of why my spirit has always asked for is Spirit's way of saying, yes, this is a part of you, and yes, you can tap into it at any time. The more you see it the more it becomes a part of you on a deeper level and you allow that energy to get reinforced without even having to think about it. So take some time to reflect on the thousand words any image might be saying to you and remember your power to choose what that will be each and every day. 

I wish for you to be clear and conscious in your highest intentions and hear the Universe speak to you each and every day. Take joy and pleasure in the small affirmations sent to you through your images and messengers of all that you are and all that you are growing to be. 

With love and light,

mystical couture