go with the senses

I,m positive most people with pets have experienced this but I still have to talk about it . Simba ,the king of the lio (house) is the quirkiest of dogs . Again ,everyones pet is the quirkiest !! How we love them . My daughter ,Sasha was at the house , unknown to me she stole a few ''greenies'' for her dog from young Simbas stash and hid them in her bag . Unknown to Sasha , Simba has a nose on him !!! The first I know of all this is when I catch Simba in Sashas bag , I notice he,s eating something and thinking he,s eating her make up or something ,I chase him through the house ,  you know how they are when they,re eating ,, I finally catch him to find out he stole his greenies back from Sasha . You know how it is ,,you have to be there , but it,s still so much fun watching our pets and their antics .  Dont under estimate the senses 

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