new year new cupcakes

Loooking through my pics of new year holiday in Seaside Florida. Such a beautiful time , we had three seasons in three days and the photo,s really tell the story . On the first day of the year we had 74 degrees , sunny beach weather , next day was 55 , a touch of spring ,and the third day was freeze your bum off ,,29 degrees . Its fun to look back ,remember your trip , and re-live the time . As I reflect ,I realise how great it is to go somewhere you love and switch off , then when I,m home I often travel back to that time and place , of serenity and great beauty. A great way to relax the mind .  

I want to thank my beautiful friend ,  Shannon for the lovely surprise of home made lavender cupcakes .

mmmm  !!! , I can taste them now , absolutely delicious , definately an urban spiritual moment .