over the moon

Magical day !! First off ,we slept in , very unusual . I had a mental plan of going to the country but now I,m running way behind . The day kept slipping away and I had a phone session to London so timetable was against me . Next problem ,skype wanted to play games with me and I was losing ,big time ,  so I had to use my phone  to talk to Shonali, across the pond . She,s a great friend , wonderful muse and when we talk it,s always an absolute magical journey . This was the best time ever , finally got skype up after some time on the phone , and proceeded to run the gambit of so many mad hatters stories . Went from manifestation of recent dreams ,events to questions like ,''what sends you, over the moon '' . Got into a recurring conversation about cupcakes , and then talked about jammies, Shonali finally said ,I,m getting into my pj,s  then had a fit of laughter when she realized she put on her jammies with a cupcake print ( they have a lot of jammies in London as its hill billy,,,, chilly ) Funny thing was I had been wearing my pj,s all day , told you it was a magical day. We had the most fun ,sharing ,learning , creating ,going from early evening in Texas to early morning in Great Britain . It was my '' over the moon experience

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