Yesterday we worked on our shop, it was team building day as we had quite a few helpers from the salon. By the way , in case I did,nt mention before , my tree house is upstairs from a hair salon full of artistic and fun stylists .

We had a delicious lunch catered by Shannon ,'' the lavender cupcake girl '', actually her husband , Andreas did the lunch, Shannon is credited only with the cupcakes, which as usual were yumcious!!. Have to say she was a great help with my chalkboard , she re-did the whole thing beautifully  .

Big ups to you Shan .                                      

I took advantage of one of the stylists while she was there and asked her to throw in some highlights , clever me,until I found out the water had been turned off , cleverness wearing off !! Run home , wash hair , run back. As I,m running back to shop I see a major sign, right in front of the traffic light ,that I stop at every day , some one has written on the lamp post  in big letters the word , love . Simple ,beautiful , sums everything up , love.  p s , colour worked out great ,,thanks Tracy ,,I love it.