Anthony Bordains, Layover !! food channel , great programme. I watched it today , he was in London taking us all over the city ,really interesting places and people . One of my fave moments was when he says  '' I,m staying at the newly opened hotel by my friend and spiritual advisor , chef Fergus Henderson, the walking buda ''. Chefs, you , me !!!   I then talked to my pal in London tonight and she reminded me of todays celtic holiday , St Bridgets day , connected to fertility , lets celebrate life in every form, today and every day

Again I say ,, thank you, thank you ,, to all who have helped me in this journey to create and inspire . I truly believe you cant say thank you enough to friends who have helped you along the way.  I want to say thanks to a good friend and briliant photographer Trish ,in San Diego . She moved the blog in a different direction when she published her amazing photos on the site . Thanks Trish , much love and in your own words ,,,a big smooch to you  Another big thanks to Alberto in playa Del Carmen , he sweated many hours in the very beginning try to set up the site . Thank you Alberto , I want to send that out to the universe