trust your senses

This week ,of the full moon , the senses were on'' super hero '' mode . In my sessions this week I was like Peter Pan in wonderland . Making me realize , once you prove to yourself,, that you can truly trust your senses there is no stopping you .  Okay , I just switched the channel on the telly  as saturday night live started . Zooey Deschanel comes on ,sings her opening song , a moon drops down ( full moon week ) and she sings about happy birthday (Shonali,s birthday week) and cupcakes ( Shannon brought in amazing rose cupcakes to the shop today )  All these incredible messages in one opening song The magic is all around . Do you feel it . If not why dont you switch the channel and get a clearer signal . OK !! Now one of Zooeys lines was '' ok Jo Ann '' just as I was writing this . I think she liked what I wrote