dot connecting

If you really ,want to see a change , you have to do something you,ve never done before,,      I had a friend over today,,  we were catching up about the connections that had unfolded in our lives,, the magic,,  the tree , the offerings , natures lessons , paintings , dreams , as they say , '' life is a series of meaningful relationships ''. We had a great visit chatting for some time about our unique connections before he left .   No sooner had he gone when there was a faint knock on the door , normally I ask who is at the door but for some reason I just opened it.   A young man took a step back to make me feel comfortable , as it was my huge dog was already barking so there was nothing to fear , Simba ,,  the chihuahua ,  okay maybe we,re both delusional .  Oh yes, back to the mystery guest , the young man was asking for signatures for his school credit sheet .  The heading on his sheet was  '' Clear magic '' .. Literally minutes after my friend had left !!


The first mystery guest  was Alberto , as we were connecting the dots , and how the dots became our inspriation, when the second mystery guest arrived to add more dots !!!!!  

As the evening proceeded I had some time to visit with Shonila  in London, on the phone,, oh my could it be possible the wow was contintuing,, the spark plugs were flying again, talk about a day of musing