Managed to get out for a walk in the early evening today.  As friends know I,m all about taking time to smell the roses  , ,  I know how important it is to enjoy nature . While walking through the trees with Ronnie , we both noticed how beautiful the leaves were as they were blowing off the trees ,  it was like brown snow , so so beautiful !!!  I just blurted out , we really must get outside more , especially while the weather is great , the wind was talking to us  , just as I said that,  we heard the loudest crow,  sending out her signal to who ever ,, in this case ,,us !! . Just like yesterday , we were given an instant answer . The adventure continued all the way to my front door,, a  cardinal was sitting on my wall singing  another tune,, can we say ,, the message was knocking on my door ,,, For me that was a muse moment ,, the songs were so different, so unique . What,s your song for the day ?  My song of the day ,,,  imagine .