A simple example of another sign . I,m literally looking for a sign , a sign with the number eight on it , for our shop .      I,ve been on at the man I,ve spent so much time training ,'' my hubbie '', to get one for the last few months but the training Is,nt going so well,, as he keeps avoiding my great advice . Just as he walked in the door tonight , I had a great web site up ready to show him ,, with really cool numbers , all shapes and sizes .        As he sat down , he pointed out Carrie Bradshaw of '' sex and the city 'on telly ,  wearing a T shirt with the words ,,'' Ja dore Dior on it and right below is the # 8 . It was so nice to see him get it right between the eyes !  There,s still hope for him yet !!!  Of course its the best fun when you discover your signs , makes you feel clever,  but,, Is,nt it grand to have a sign ,,,about a sign!!!!!