rose colored glasses

For the past couple of days I,ve had a conversation with Shonali in London about the phrase , rose colored glasses . Step back the last five or six days , where I,ve been looking through t v recommendations for different movies only to find the original Sabrina ,with Audrey Hepburn . Today I found out it was the last day to air before they took it off the list so I decided to watch it . In the opening scenes , one of the lines was , she was looking through ,,rose colored glasses . Perfect , just what I needed to hear after all the discussions with Shonali about that saying .  Have,nt told Shonali yet but am really excited to share with her ,  made the movie even more fun !! Another line from my great movie , '' she decide she would not just stand there and watch life pass by ,never again would she run from it,          Never forget , the wonderful Audrey Hepburn .