Last night I was talking to Shonali in London. The subject repeatedly went back to roses , I sent photos of roses for her to upload to the blog , then she told me she picked out an incense , fragrance ,rose ! Next up , she grabs a hand cream to use ,not particularly looking ,,fragrance , (you know) !!  It seems like everything is coming up roses,  (could be a song )!!  Tonight , another friend , Shannon , sent me a beautiful photo , not knowing about last night , lo and behold !! what,s in the pic,, yup ,,roses .   Do you think the moon has something to do with this ? A fusion of senses    Are you looking through rose coloured glasses  . Can you smell the roses . Weird !! I just realised valentines day is just around the corner . This is nothing to do with that day , I,ve purely been sensing the beautiul rose .  Be-mused by the rose

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