Senses are the super power, ok , it was easy for superman , but we are all capable of super powers. Theonly one stopping you is yourself , well ,more like our minds .  I heard I was in need of a walk today , so ,off Iwent , knowing something was in the air .        As I rounded a corner the quietest crow flew right over my head , no ,I did,nt hear it , I sensed it !    Then a second crow did a fly by ,,, landing nearby , it let me approach quite close . I could feel it sensed I was,nt a threat . Then I saw a dog who was the double of a fox , i,ve been talking about foxes for the past week with Shonali in London, connections!!!!! my fave new coat is lined with a fox print material , I saw a young fox in the outskirts of town, sadly ,been hit by a car .  ( I really dont expect to see a fox that close to town) . I,m surrounded by fox signs , maybe the crows pointed the way. 

Another sense today , I heard a name today when I was with a friend , as I said it , we both seemed to be struck dumb for a second . She was about to ask me a question about that very person .The look she gave me ,hit me for six , for a split second.  

Watching the beginning of Moneyball tonight,  I grabbed the last fortune cookie in the kitchen and walked back into the room just to hear the guy in the movie talk about a fortune cookie.         Another connection i asked a friend about peter and one of the main characters in the movie'sname is pete.All in one day,perfect timing!