blarney stone

Irish week , St Patricks day is coming up and its time to whip out the green beer . I find the great thing about the Irish is the do usually have the '' gift of the gab ''.    I feel that is where they have a richness in life . Maybe it,s the depth of their history that makes them interesting , like most Europeans they seem to have something to say , even if they,re making it up , they,re so damn good at it !!  They have so many great Irish tales and lets face it,,we do love listening to them . The beauty of our young country is we get so excited when we meet these old souls , suckers for the accents ,  we ,re drawn into the stories and they give us a chance to live in the rich history of the country .  Celebrate the green , not just the beer but all off nature , that,s the true color of Ireland .