Spring is here yet again , flowers are blooming and ideas are budding all over the place !! Time to dust off the cobwebs yet again and start making plans for anything you have in your mind . All we need to fullfill ourselves is in us ,  As we,ve said before , it all starts with one thought , only this time lets not get sidetracked and push forward with the idea so we can enjoy the fruits of our mind .  Spring cleaning is great for us all , our work , house , garden , minds , you name it , its all fair game.  That all important word , change , it,s in all of us , yet  it can be the most elusive act for most . All it needs is action . 

p s        Shonali is returning to London today . We had a great visit and part of her visit moved me to write todays blog,,, we worked  together to put into practice exactly what i,m talking about . We played with so many ways of doing things and have planted new ideas in the secret garden of our minds .   

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