take the plunge

I was talking to a friend about fear , how much it holds us back .  He commented on the fact we should dive in , dont think too much ,  just do it and change your life !!     Next night I go to see a movie thats advertised showing at 7-20 only to find out,, last showing was at 4-30 . We choose to see ,  Jeff at home , or something like that . Dont know much about it but find out the star believes in seeing signs ,'' perfect for me '', and follows them through the movie that eventually take him to a bridge where he takes a plunge !! , literally into water to save a family . The plunge changes his life , I thought what a perfect lesson , circumstances bring me to this movie , which is about signs , to see the sign of what I had been talking about the pevious day .   This was my message for the week ,,        plunge in!!!!!