full moon muses

This is the full moon period and the energy had me up at the crack of dawn today . I was outside with the cats at 5-30 this morning  feeding them early breakfast , listening to the birds  , watching the beautiful sunrise , enjoying the sounds and senses of our beautiful planet . I came inside to be hit with the other side of nature .   I switched on the weather channel just as they were doing a story on the recent tornados up north . We feel bad about these disasters , but we have to get on with our busy lives , right !   The lady in the story , realized she was right in the path of a tornado , the only hope was to wrap her two young children in blankets and lie on top of them . She described furniture hitting her , beams slamming into her , the house was completely flattened . A frightening story of her children screaming they did,nt want to die . When it was over ,she had saved her kids ,but now her son had to dig his way out and save his moms life . Her leg was severed and if he had,nt found help she would have died . It was a heartbreaking story and one that hits you right between the eyes . What a wake up call . So busy working on our lives when this woman had to fight for hers . We can hopefully never be in a situation like that , to know what she went through but can understand to a degree how she must have this incredible new lust for life , seeing her children grow from this time on .    She is my muse for life