full moon muses

The full moon is upon us and the energy has me up this morning ,,early early !!! I was up at 5-30 this morning , middle of the night for me ,, I was outside with the cats feeding them ,sitting with them , looking at the amazing sky . All the sounds and senses of our beautiful planet , then I come inside to be hit with the other side of nature !  I  switch on the weather channel just as they are reporting a story on the recent tornados up north . We,re ,again, busy getting on with our important lives , okay , we give a bit of thought to the horrible weather when it happens , but we need to get on with our lives , right!     The story is of a lady caught right in the middle of a tornado , living in a pretty big house . She felt the only hope to keep her young kids safe was to wrap them in blankets and keep them under her while the tornado made a direct hit on her house . She described the horrifying events , beams landing on her , furniture slamming her , the home was flattened . By the time it passed she had saved her children , but now her young son had to dig his way out and run for help , his moms leg was completely severed and she was bleeding heavily , If he had,nt found someone to help she would have most certainly died . It was a heartbreaking story and a major wake up call to all of us to celebrate our lives and realize how lucky we all are , It is a sad story , but this lady is alive and looking forward to watching her children grow , with a new appreciation for life.

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