mind travel

I,m sure you,ve seen some trend or event and thought to yourself , I was all over that just a few weeks ago . You were thinking how cool it would be to try it, or wear it, or live it !!   That happens to me all the time , and like instant karma , it seems to appear a few weeks after I,m raving about my great idea . Sometimes its fashion ideas or Places , Countries, Jobs ,Colors,People , the list goes on , but the fun thing is , it,s always consistent and I do love the '' thank you'' , I give myself when it happens .                Sometime ago , I was re-decorating my space and was imagining what journey I could take my viisitors on when they came to see me . I finally found my room of dreams but on the journey I kept going back to Morrocco , something drew me to that country everytime I wanted to find a piece to decorate with . The running joke was , it,s all good , as long as it,s Morroccan . Now I,ve been seeing it in all the magazines , furnish Morroccan, travel to Morrocco ,eat Morroccan . Its a fun game .      Lets give our minds free rein , let them run to where ever or what ever they want , to the beat of their own drum .