crow fever

Out for this mornings walk with Ronnie, I was saying  that I really wanted to see the Crows and just as I finish saying Crows , I see a Crow feather lying in the ground . I han,nt told him that I secretly had been looking for a feather and out of the blue , here it sits , right in front of me .                                                                                               The previous morning I ran into a neighbour while on my walk on the Boulevard . She asked if I come to see the Herons nesting , (  dozens of them nest on the same two streets every year ) , I told her I actually try to find the six Crows that visit the streets . She did,nt know we had Crows in the hood !!   We ended up meeting that afternoon at her house , when I got there she told me she had her first Crow land on her bird bath just before I arrived . Connect the crows !!!    These are the little things that kindle my passion, they are everything to me . They create my cheshire cat smile every time .