urban state of mind

I,m walking more and more these days , as I said before , enjoy the weather while we can . Nature creates balance in my life .        I feel the reason I name the blog ''urban'' is to relate to the modern world . We can all have our moments , it just cant be all lollipops and rainbows , we would,nt be human if we did,nt have a meltdown every now and again . The'' urban state of mind '' knows when to enjoy the good times and realizes it,s okay to let loose . Speaking in urban tongue keeps life real , we have to release , spice things up . Have a laugh and not take everything quite so seriously .   We have to find our balance , walking , cooking , movies , whatever !!            My fave hobby is looking through fashion mags and the new look is flowing pants , ''a la , jammies ''. Seems like i,ve been in style for quite some time , as lazy me , bums around in jammies most of the weekend, so now I dont have to change when I run an errand . Break out the jammies and have some fun