After our long dry summer last year , we lost thousands of trees in Houston. Unfortunately one of those trees was right outside our shop and today when I went over , they were busy cutting her down . I asked if they would let me keep a piece as something came over me , the thought of how many years this great oak had grown , I really felt quite sad about her . Yet again , taking our nature for granted ,, all these beautiful trees , not until you drive through the park and see these gaping holes do you realize just how amazing they are .   I talked to the guys who were cutting her down , they probably thought I was mad , crazy tree hugger !! We ended up having this deep conversation about nature and something made me want to buy them lunch , so I insisted they have some money for food . I,m sure they dont get many offers like that but I got so caught up in wanting to help in some way , as I hoped they were a bit more aware of their job and some of us crazies do care ,, a lot . Lets help each other a bit more this week