My perfect earth morning woke me to really loud chirping outside my bedroom window . Bluebirds were having a major ''go'' at the outside cats . Having a hissy at them , trying to attack and scare them off . I went outside with my Sherlock Holmes outfit on and finally found the reason for it all . At first , one , then after 15 minutes another baby had fallen from the tree , We managed to round them up and one was big enough and scared enough to actually climb back up to safety . The other took us some time and imagination to finally get him high enough that he could do the rest himself . It was so satisfying to see mom fly back to feed him .                                           It does,nt have to be the obvious when we celebrate earth day , just doing anything for our beautiful orb can give us great joy . We have such perfect balance in this planet , its ours to nurture or hurt .  -