On my walk today , I pointed out a butterfly to Ronnie ,then turned my head in time to see a van drive by, name on the side ,  Monarch pool service . Ronnie said we see so many things that are " had to be there " moments , but the thing I pointed out was if we're actually, in the moment , we can see so much, so many connections . We just need to remove the blinkers and take it all in .

                 Good film,,,,,,, Marley , about Bob Marleys life , one good line from so many ,  a friend said " he,s allways starting something "  whereupon Bob would say " to get anything , you have to start something . I closed my eyes many times when he was playing and I could feel the music so strongly. He truly is a legend , One love


     Something I heard tonight , inside all of us is a compass , let,s point it in the right direction