I often talk about stimulating or calming senses with fragrances , sounds , music , sights etc . Music is so incredible , calming ,exciting , moving , so many amazing flavors to indulge in . One of my faves comes to Houston next week , Florence and the Machine , truly brilliant !! Another great mind and performer was on telly tonight , Jack White .  Such a powerful medium .    

We have added new products to the shop , oils , bath salts , inspirational cards , candles , all designed to work with different senses , invigorating , calming  , grounding , all with an urban flair . The muses have been busy creating new tools for you . Thank you Shannon , the walking apothecary ,  your fragrances are magical and we love them . We also now carry many '' feed '' products , a wonderful line of products that use the proceeds to feed children in third world countries . Check them out on the web .         Come in to the shop to check out the new stuff !!!!!