full moon signs

I started my day by going for a walk, first thing I see when I open my front door is a little egg , already hatched . Birth.   Off I go with Simba , to the trees , the famous tree lined boulevard . As we,re walking I remembered all the baby Herons are nestled in the trees and once I arrived there I literally dodged the droppings . Not so sure how lucky it,s supposed to be when you,re hit !  I then found the biggest magnolia flower , and got back to my stroll ,Magnolia in hand . I realize i,ve been adopted by a bumble bee , actually following the flower . Could,nt blame him , scent was amazing ! Immediately reminded me of one of the few times I was stung by bees  when I,was picking magnolias !!!   Within ten minutes of me being home , Sasha , my daughter , arrived , she walked in the house and as soon as she sat down , something stung her on the ankle . We look down at her ankle and I see a sticky thorn , I laugh , saying , '' come on baby, it,s just a little sticker '', we stand up and there in the middle of her stomach is a big red hornet . AAAAAHHHHHHH, she ran out the house screaming , (yes , she,s as brave as her mom ). She managed to get it off outside , thankfully , but was,nt that another connection, me with the bee and then Sasha getting stung by a hornet . Tonight we go on a moonlight drive and while once again driving down the boulevard we hear someone calling us , we turn around to find a dear friend taking her nephews on a walk ,looking for the fairie tree. My favourite tree is so popular !!