pink moon big love

I fed the birds this morning and then as I drove through the park a cardinal flew over my car , so beautiful ! Does,nt nature give us everything , all we have to do is see it .  Later I went past the park again and a giant rabbit came over to my car and waved , they were having an egg hunt for the kids !!   Kids get so excited by the simplest things , the magic of the moment .                                As the evening approached I could,nt see the moon but I could feel her energy , I,m sure many people had the same feeling . I felt more intuitive with love , more passion and had a deeper connection with nature .  I had to take a drive to see her as by nine oclock she had,nt shown her face , went to the zoo and finally saw this beautiful pink orb .  At that very moment something made me want to text as many people as possible and share the experience , the color was so vibrant and definately pink , we all had to share together !!   Your easter basket is filled with loads of love .