Lovely day in Galveston , just as we cross the bridge at least thirty pelicans are flying overhead and we glimpse the water . A beautiful color of blue . We dont often see that so when you,re lucky enough to time it right , you enjoy !!!      We walked for some time on the beach loving the water and the breeze , then fed the seagulls , greedy little beggers !!!!   Driving towards the strand we passed the second Santa Monica Pier, for anyone who has,nt been there recently , the new amusement pier is quite spectacular.           We then shopped in one of our favourite spots , a great nautical antiques place just off the Strand , You really feel like you,re exploring in this shop , great stuff !!  On our way out of galveston we hit the jackpot, driving past the old cemetry , that we usually always visit , we,re hit with this incredibly beautiful vision . The cemetry is a sea , an absolute sea , of wildflowers , Yellow ,yellow , everywhere  , the most amazing scene that I have never witnessed . I had no idea !!!!

Topping it off tomorrow night I go to see the incredible Florence and the Machine .