Hi Ho , Hi Ho, off to work I go , todays adventure was me nearly falling after I finished work . Stumbled down the stairs outside my shop ,broke my shoe and was really lucky not to have hit the pavement.   After that scary incident I deciced to visit the park and bumped into one of my travelling friends . He,s a Vietnam Vet and very interesting to talk to . We talked for some time then he hit on the subject of feeding the birds that hang out at the park , said dont worry about feeding the birds here I look after them . He then said his best bird story was about a mockingbird ,smartest little birds, . I immediately thought of my mockingbird ,  and thought this was the pefect connection . I had just blogged about my bird and a few days later I hear this friends story about the same breed . It really made me chuckle             One of the traits of the mocking bird is the mastery of language , teaching the secrets of communication . If I had,nt stopped by to talk to my friend I would never have enjoyed the message . He also teaches you to sing out your talents . They also bring out your sacred song , by singing that song , your life becomes more rewarding , more significant . One of the most beautiful song birds !! 

Im off to my special magical place tomorrow , Seaside Florida , I,ll be back next week, stay well !!!