Back from my wonderful trip to Florida . I travelled on the day of the solar eclipse , did,nt see anything but certainly felt its presence . The age old saying , just because you dont see something does,nt mean its not there . Had a perfect scenario , we left the freeway to drive our scenic route in Pensacola. Got to the waters edge to see this massive traffic jam and the first bridge we love to cross was completely backed up . We could see the cars from one end to the other . The police were at the start of the bridge and diverted us back up to the freeway . We were at the start of the bridge and could see the other side beckoning but obstacles stopped us from getting there!!   This really is our favourite part of the journey so we,re determined to get there , we got to the freeway and came down the next exit , everyone had the same plan but it was well worth the wait . As we always say  , life is wonderful when it all goes well , once we have obstacles we learn who we really are . Get to the other side of the bridge !!

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