While in Florida we got up one morning at 5-30 ish to watch the sunrise from the beach. Took a bit of ''boot camp tactics '' to get my team up but once we got there it was well worth it .  Sunrise is lovely anywhere but there's something magical about seeing it from the waters edge, I can only imagine the other most special place would be from the top of a mountain .  We watched it rise  then started walking along side the water, after a few minutes we were joined by four stingray , a mom and three babies all in a row , they slowly glided along side us for about five minutes before we turned around . incredible !!!          While i,m still enjoying my experience I look back at the water to see a baby shark swim by , about four feet long , swimming in the same shallows . amazing , beautiful morning .   The saying really is true ,,  the early bird does get the stingray , shark , whatever !!!  

mystical couture