more messages

So excited about my stingray experience I decided my new obsession , get down to the beach early . Sure enough ,next morning I get there, maybe not 5-30 this time, but early enough . This time we walk for a bit then come upon a really big Heron standing by the waters edge, looking for breakfast in the water . As we walk towards him he would fly thirty or forty feet down the beach . This went on for a while , we walk , he flies , then suddenly we notice we,re joined by another Heron that lands behind us . So now we have Herons on both sides of us  , big ones ! Doing Tai Chi stances .   Another lovely morning .     Driving back to the house we stop at a junction and as we move away something flies into the car . I notice it out of the corner of my eye but not sure what it is . As we accelerate I look down to see a hornet on my chest and before I can scream I feel this stinger going in .I manage to flip it off but not before I feel the telltale warmth of a sting . As i,ve said before , it,s all in the timing ! Sometimes good , sometimes , not so good .  I survived , but i,m sure there was a message in the days events . I,ll get back to you with the messages . 

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