Going back to the first night in Florida , yes , I,m reliving my trip  backwards !  We got to the house , got settled in and as usual I got to feeling the house out . Definately felt energy , but there,s always energy ,everywhere  , so that should,nt be surprising .  Ronnie left to run an errand and no sooner had he gone , two minutes !! It all fell apart ! The emergency light and siren exploded into action . I felt I was in a paranormal movie . The noise was deafening and the light blinding . I grabbed my trusty Simba , the fearless chihuahua and ran out the door . We hung out together in the front yard , where we could still hear the racket so I took a short walk and of course when Ronnie re appeared , everything had switched off . A special welcome just for little old me , typical . 

I,ve still to talk about the hornet sting ,,,soon !!!

mystical couture