ferry trip

Great time in galveston today , crossed on the ferry to Boliver . It,s amazing how nothing bothers you when everything is coming up roses   Beautiful morning , great drive down there and not even the fifty minute wait for the ferry bothered us . Saw lots of great signs , in the funniest of places  . I shot so many pictures , saw a school of dolphins playing , then got really close to two of them that were having the best of time playing together .        Got soaked on the trip back from the spray at the front of the ferry . All in all , such a lovely , inspired , simple day .            

         I was scrolling through the internet , looking for a Mercury pendant , when I came upon this quote from Courtney Cox  '' I,m a Gemini and I get bored so easily . i mean, I,ve moved six times in the last eight years ''  loved it , this speaks to me as I,m very much a Gemini