super moon!!

Still staring at the beautiful moon tonight , how can we not be affected . If you sit for a while in her presence you have to feel the power . 

   Great laugh the other night ! Bravo channel was on telly and housewives of New Jersey happened to be playing . '' okay , so sometimes I watch it '' They were attending a summer solstice party , which was quite a surprise for me , do'nt hear much about those kind of parties on T V          As they arrived , fairies stuck bindi,s on their third eye to open it and create clarity  and then the party proceded to end up in a big fight ,  Funny thing was they were having the big barney while all still wearing those things on their foreheads . Dont think they worked well on this occasion !       As I,m finishing this blog , the weather channel is showing incredible pictures of the super moon . Great to see everyone appreciating her . 

mystical couture