june 6

 Busy busy week and I now have time to reflect on the events ..My birthday was a week ago today . That morning my travelling lady called me to say her cancer had returned so that was a great lesson in life . Brought back down to earth and straight into the day . Reality has a way of wakening you up and putting things into perspective .                I,m excited about my birthday and looking forward to celebrating the day when suddenly Michelle helps me to realize there,s an array of different emotions and feelings we experience every day in life .  We know it in theory but do we swim , sink or float in the ''deep end '' of life !!!!     Great birthday message Wake up deeper .              

   My dear friend Virginia had asked me a few weeks earlier ,if we could do something for my birthday. She went to great lengths to find out what I wanted to do but in a very casual way . I had no idea of the extent she went to , in organizing a day full of exciting surprises and gifts . She truly made it a magical day that needs to unfold in my next blog. Please !!stay tuned , we,ll be right back !!! tomorrow 

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