fathers day

I hardly slept last night! Woke up at two then drifted til four thirty when I woke for good .  I then started looking through music on my I pod when I found Mazzy Stars , '' Fade into You ''. I,m not sure what happened but I started listening , and listen I did . I put her on repeat for about an hour where upon , around five forty five I stuck one of my ear pieces in Ronnie,s ear . I felt he deserved to hear this amazing song . We got up at six , which is just not us !!! Got into the car and slipped on Mazzy again . Literally listened to Fade into You for the next three hours , and allowed it to play the whole day , yes ,,the whole day !!  Being me , I wanted to know ,  WHY ! 

  I get on the internet , find out Hope Sandoval is the great voice behind the song . First clue , Sandoval was my mothers maiden name .   I delve more and of course one of the first things I always want to know is . What is your birthday , your star sign , your personality !  I find her birthdate ,,, exact same day as my father . He passed on a year and a half ago . One of the things he did while he was sick , he started watching Medium . He was never into that kind of stuff but knew I was . Atfer watching most of the show he asked me if I was a medium . Something I thought would never come from his lips , completely alien to his world . It was a pleasant surprise to hear him ask about voices from the other side .  Back to Mazzy Star , I delve deeper still to find a song she did , titled Charlotte .  My moms name .           I did,nt mention why I could,nt sleep,,,,,,,  I dreamt all night about my dad and asked him for any type of sign. For me ,,an amazing fathers day !! 

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