New Moon today, Summer Solstice tomorrow!!!!

Sun enters Cancer at 7:09pm. HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE/MIDSUMMER!!!

Summer is finally here!!! Today will be the longest day of light! Have a little bonfire, make some smores, dance, sing, and celebrate! 

Mercury 22 Cancer 47 square  Saturn 22 Libra 47 at 11:05am:

You will find that you are censoring yourself even if you don't mean to. 

Venus  8 Gemini 20 sextile Uranus  8 Aries 20 at 7:55pm:

Attraction to the unusual! 

Mercury 23 Cancer 20 semi-square  Venus  8 Gemini 20 at 8:19: 

Miscommunication in the romance area. 

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