I talked about a message from my dad a few days ago , a dream ,then a song , then I followed a trail to connect the dots . Messages from the past !   Next morning I went for breakfast and still talking about the previous day , we somehow got on to the subject of my little dog passing on ,  around the same time as my dad .   I finished eating and not quite ready to leave but I noticed two ladies waiting in line ,looking for a table as the place was packed . As the older lady was sporting a cane I decided to make brownie points and jumped up to tell them to take our table .  Ronnie came over as I was talking to the ladies and I started walking to the front door .He said we could have left by the door we were sitting by  , as the car was right there . We walk out of the front door and back towards the car and as we turn the corner a guy walks up with a Chihuahua in his arms . We obviously are ga ga over the baby as our dog that passed was a Chihuahua (our fave dogs )  She was lovely and we finally get round to asking her name , Coco ! Yes , the same name as our baby . If we had,nt gone out the front door we would have been in our car before the dog showed up . For some reason those I loved are getting in touch , all at once . 

mystical couturecoco