While driving through the neighborhood yesterday I noticed a Woodpecker on one of the trees . We stopped as it's not one of our more common birds and as we were enjoying the beautiful little bird another two appeared from around the other side of the tree . Even my Scottish husband , with his dry sense of humour , was excited by the family get together . We sat for a while watching their antics and Ronnie said we really dont see enough of these lovely birds .   Drove off after a while and the second corner we get to ,as we're still talking about the lovelies , another three woody's sitting on a tree !!  We could'nt believe it. I checked out the meaning  and one of the things they symbolize is having a strong foundation.   In one day I saw 6 woodpeckers , when we hardly ever see one ,  I thought this has to be a strong message .  Better still my birthday is on the June 6 . I thought , perfect timing .

mystical couture